Preparing For Love 

Consciously Creating The Love Life Of Your Dreams  

1st - 17th December 2017 


Starting Friday, 1 Dec 2017, join 16 love & relationship experts for “Preparing For Love". virtual summit. Whether you are single, in a new relationship or have been married for years this seminar series will offer techniques and strategies on how to get the love you want.  

Over the 17 days, you will have free 24 hr access for each speaker on a number of topics to consciously create the love life of your dreams.  


Welcome to Preparing For Love: Consciously Creating the Love Life of Your Dreams. The virtual summit is designed for intelligent, successful people ready to attract their soulmate partner and create lasting love. Your hosts for the series are Certified and Leadership Love Attraction Coaches Gail De Souza, Beth Gayden, Bryn Brown & Kelly Garnett. We have a number of Love experts of varying backgrounds to assist you in navigating the pathway to love from attraction to engagement, marriage and beyond. Our mentor and featured guest speaker is Kathryn Alice, best selling author of Love Will Find You and the international leading expert on soulmate relationships.  

The Preparing for Love Virtual Summit is for you if: 

  • You have had difficulty finding love or have felt like giving up on love
  • You want to speed up the process of manifesting the love of your life 
  • You have focused on your career and/or raising children and neglected your love life 
  • You are struggling with trying to make sense of your relationship and desire to create a harmonious life with your One  

Starting Friday, 1 Dec 2017, join 16 love & relationship experts for “Preparing For Love". virtual summit. Whether you are single, in a new relationship or have been married for years this seminar series will offer techniques and strategies on how to get the love you want.  

Over the 16 days, you will have free 24 hr access for each speaker on a number of topics to consciously create the love life of your dreams.  

The individual videos are accessible AT NO COST for only 24 hours each day of the summit. Then, there will be 2 full days on the 25th & 26th December 2017 when ALL the videos will once again be available at no cost. Thereafter the price for these 17 recordings + 4 days of exercise & fabulous offers will be charged at $197. 

Featured Speaker: Kathryn Alice 

Kathryn Alice teaches and writes breakthrough material in the arenas of dating and love. Her approach stresses awareness and faith, and this positive, upbeat outlook has helped many singles enjoy their unattached status and thousands go on to find love. She was the author of the "Dating, Love & Soulmates" column for HOLISTIC LIVING MAGAZINE until the magazine's closing. She has had many articles published. Kathryn served as the Director for The Agape Spiritual Center's Crisis Support Team for six years, and Agape is where she is based. She is often published on subjects of love. She has built followings in several cities that include Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Sacramento and San Diego. 

Kathryn's book LOVE WILL FIND YOU: 9 Magnets for Bringing You and Your Soulmate Together was published in early 2007 by Avalon. After only a few weeks out, it has already gone into its 3rd printing. Kathryn has taught at many centers and conferences including the following: Agape Spiritual Center, Culver City, California; , United Church of Religious Science; 

Co-hosts: Gail De Souza 

Gail De Souza, LLAC is a Leadership Love Attraction Coach based in London, helps people in the four areas of Soulmate Relationships, Heartache, Money and Career. Having worked in the recruitment industry, health and wellbeing services both in the public and private sectors, Gail is well versed in working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. She has spent 28 years studying the A-Z of spiritual teachings with a conclusion that Love must flow in all areas of your life to build successful relationships.  

Brought up in a house where the law was discussed and implemented in some shape or form, Gail did not hesitate to confront things that were fundamental breaches when it came to justice. She has embraced the understanding that the law shapes politics, economics, history, and society in various ways and serves as a mediator of relations between people. The universal laws are based on love, so it seems right that this would lead to following the path of the law of attraction and coaching people into lasting love.  

Like the architects of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, that incorporated gargoyles on the buildings that would cause mischief, Gail likens herself to these playful figures that bring joy and exuberance for all who wish to balance the scales into soulmate love.  

In 2000 Gail De Souza qualified as a Life Coach with Charles Bentley Associate and in 2015 qualified as a Certified Love Attraction Coach trained by Kathryn Alice, Rscp. In 2017 she became a Leadership Love Attraction Coach and leads the team of coaches hosting the “Preparing For Love” Virtual Summit.  

Beth Gayden 

Beth Gayden, M.Ed., C.L.A.C., loves to encourage people as they tap into their unique superpowers to deliberately create the artistic endeavors and loving relationships that they yearn for in life. Her passion for assisting people in opening their hearts to creativity and love springs from her struggles to live and lead with her heart instead of her head. After awakening to the power of an open heart, she rediscovered joy and became an internationally known Amazon best-selling author, speaker, and workshop leader.  

As a Book Writing, Creativity and Certified Love Attraction Coach, her mission is to be the catalyst that encourages clients in connecting with their souls; enabling them to write from the heart and utilize creativity to attract love into their lives. Clients have the opportunity to open their hearts and create in ways that align with their unique needs, experiences, and lifestyles during customized VIP days, workshops, virtual retreats, and group or private coaching sessions.  

She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a graduate degree in Special Education, and resides in Southern California with her family. Her books and journals are available on Amazon. She would be thrilled to support and facilitate lasting transformation as you journey to create, write, and love with an open heart.  

Bryn Brown Bryn Brown is a Denver-based life and love coach specializing in all matters of the heart. With a focus on self-love, she helps her clients ignite their passions, recover from heartbreak, date with integrity, find their soulmate and create soul-centered relationships in all areas of life. Beyond romantic love, Bryn also guides high-achieving individuals to find passion in their career, incorporate a greater sense of purpose in their daily lives, create more time for the things they love, improve relationships at home and work, and redefine their legacy. Through her career, Bryn has held a number of corporate positions in business development and eventually found herself managing multi-million dollar accounts. In a effort to find her own purpose, she eventually started working in non-profit. In this role, she works with high power executives to develop corporate giving platforms and employee engagement strategies that foster a stronger sense of purpose and giving within major organizations. Bryn is a Certified Love Attraction Coach and Leadership Love Attraction Coach Trainer, trained and certified by the internationally acclaimed and best-selling author Kathryn Alice. Kelly Garnett For over a decade, Kelly has been coaching men and women who are looking for love. She understands the deep desire and longing for a Soulmate and what it takes to stay loyal to yourself as you journey toward each other. Kelly is dedicated to helping her clients embrace love again, empowering them with tools to create a powerful and loving relationship with themselves and others. Kelly is a highly sought after professional speaker and leads dynamic experiential seminars and workshops across the country. She is a Certified Love Attraction Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and has Masters degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Education. Kelly lives and loves in the Los Angeles area.


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